Providing effective sealing technology solutions for global customers

Shijiazhuang Beike Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in field. We built one set of rubber vulcanization curve control system and introduction adva-ntaged rubber production line with testing equipment. Meanwhile a rubber products production quality control system was created according to ASTMD2000 standard .In the complex and rigorous production planning control mechanism, with advanced pro-duction, management and detection technology, we have become one enterprise which with all products process consistent, such as product design, formulation development, raw material mixing, mold processing, testing, performance testing, manufacturing all in-dependently. This kind of rubber products and rubber raw materials formulation deve-lopment has laid a solid foundation in innovation design and market development.

Our concept is innovative technology and focused around the terminal user demand, build IBG brand, which provide advanced solutions for many industrial enterprises lead-ing manufacturers. This relationship is to ensure that the original design manufacturers ( ODM ) quality products and contributed to the company for future development plan-ning technical background. This cooperation for both original manufacturer ( ODM ) and the company obtain sustained competitive advantage. Till now IBG GROU has be-come a strong competitive supplier in global rubber market. Products mainly used in automobile, aviation, machinery, petrochemical, medical, food, electronics, national defense and military industry fluid sealing facilities.

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