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Common Material Physical Performance and  Appication

Material Characteristic Working Temperature (℃) Application                  
NR Good resistance to abrasion, rebound, tear and  elongation. It`s suitable for use in hot and cold water, ammonia, ethylene  glycol, dilute acids and alkalis. But it`s easy to aging in air, stickiness by  heat, inflation and dissolved in minaral oil & gasoline. -50~70 Used in rubber belt, rubber tube, rubber strip. Products  always be used in –OH liquid ( for example, auto brake oil and alcohol).
NBR Excellent resistance to oil, heat, abrasion, aliphatic-solvent and high voltage oil. But not suitable for use in polar solven, such as ketone, ozone, nitro-hydrocarbon, chloroform. -40~120 Used in fuel tank, grease-box and products always be used in following medium: mineral oil, gasoline, water, silicone grease, silicone oil, Second ester lubricating oil, Ethylene glycol series hydraulic oil etc.
HNBR Better resistance to abrasion, corrosion, tension, tear, compression set. It`s suitable for use in ozone, sunshine and other atmospheric conditions.  But not suirable for  alcohol, esters and aromatic liquid. -40~150 Used in air-condition freezer, especially be widely used in R134 a system and auto engine system.
VMQ Excellent resistance to heat, cold, ozone, aging. And good electrical insulation property. Bad tensile strength and poor resistance to abrasion, oil. -60~230 Used in household appliance industry, food Processing Machinery Industry and the sealing which contact with body.
EPDM Excellent resistance to weather, aging, ozone, and Strong Chemical Stability. Even excellent resistance to freon and various refrigerants. -50~150 Used in high-temperature water vapor, sanitary ware, refrigerator etc.
FKM Excellenet resistance to high temp., chemical, most of the oil and solvent. Poor resistance to cold. -20~220 Used in special working condition ( high temp. chemical corrosion,oil etc), and be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile, electric power etc.
IIR Good impermeability to universal gas, good resistance to sunshine, ozone, animal & vegetable oil and Oxidizable chemicals. -55~100 Used in making parts which have good resistance to chemicals and  vacuum equipment.
CR Good elongation, good resistance to abrasion, aging, rebound, and fire. -40~100 Used in making parts which touch in atmosphere, sunshine, ozone directly, and resistance to fire, abrasion.

The comparison of various performance

Tensile Strength
Rebound Resistance
Tear Resistance
Impact Strength Resistance
Gas Impermeability         Resistance
Oxygen Resistance
Ozone Resistance
Weathering Resistance
Flame Resistance
Heat Resistance
Low Temperature         Resistance
Oil and Fuel Resistance
Animal and Vegetable         Oil Resistance
Alcohol Resistance
Alkaline Resistance
Acid Resistance
Aliphatic-solvent Resistance
Oxygen Ated-solvent Resistance
Water Resistance

Remark: ◎Excellent ●Good ■Stuitable △Limited ▼Poor

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